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Glee Stories in 100 Words

a Glee Drabble Challenge

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100 Word Glee Challenge
Rules and info stolen pretty much directly from tw100 and tweaked for Glee.

A weekly drabble - 100 words exactly - challenge for stories set in the Glee universe. Every Friday a new challenge is set forth. Drabbles about other fandoms are not allowed except as a crossover with Glee.


1. Every Wednesday, a challenge is posted. You will then have one week in which to respond. You MUST be a member to post. Stories should be posts, not in the comments to the challenge post. Please only post drabbles related to the current challenge. If you are inspired to write to an old challenge, write it and hang onto it. We will have open challenge weeks where you will be able to post them.

Format your posts with the following:

Author: This would be you.
Characters: Major characters or pairings used. You don’t have to name everyone, just the most significant players.
Challenge: Which challenge you are submitting for. These should be just the current week’s challenge, but things happen, so it can’t hurt to list them.
Rating: We’re using the American film rating system here. If you aren’t sure, check them out.
Words: 100 words exactly, remember? So you don’t need to include this.
Notes: Include any spoiler warnings here. Be as specific as you can be. “Spoilers for 1x3” is going to be more useful than “Spoilers for S1”.

*a note on spoilers: RIGHT is "Spoilers for 1x09" or "Spoilers through Wheels". WRONG is "Everyone knows Kurt is really a space alien, right?" That's WRONG WRONG WRONG.

2. Each challenge consists of a theme to write your drabble around. Themes will range from single word prompts to dialogue from the show to random song lyrics to pictures. You must respect that theme, in whatever way you want. Thinking outside the box is, of course, encouraged.

3. Each story must be exactly 100 words. Repeat, each story must be EXACTLY 100 words. That’s the definition of drabble and the name of the community. The title does not count in the word count for the story.

4. Each story must be Glee-centered, but it can be a crossover with another show.

5. If a story is R or above (sexual content, graphic violence), label it clearly and use a cut-tag. Swearing doesn't make it an automatic R.

6. If you find you're writing quite a few stories, save them up and post once a day or so. Multiple drabbles in one post is fine.

7. You can suggest any challenges for coming weeks in the current week's challenge post. Recommendations are STRONGLY encouraged!

8. Any rating is welcome and any pairing: het, slash, gen, RPF. You do not need to WARN for the gay.

9. No flaming, trolling, anti-racial/orientation/religious, hateful posts or comments. It takes a lot to offend me but I will banhammer.

10. Have fun.

Rules can change at any time.