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Challenge Twenty-Nine: Friends

Okay my little Glee babies, let's see if we can't do this thing!


One hundred words
One week
As many stories as you like

Keep spoilers behinds a cut
Use the standard header
Be kind in comments
If you want concrit, ask

...and GO!



So, um. We've had a break. But I really would like to bring this comm back from the brink. Wanna help? 

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How would you like to see us continue?

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Just as it was; weekly prompts
6 (46.2%)
Weekly prompts with a poll at the end for best story
6 (46.2%)
Open Season: all stories all the time
1 (7.7%)
Something else I will tell you about in comments
0 (0.0%)

If we stick with weekly prompts, what day works best?

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2 (18.2%)
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4 (36.4%)
3 (27.3%)
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Proud (G)

Title: Proud
Author: entreguillemets 
Characters: Mike, Mike's mother
Challenge: #28: Surprise
Rating: G
Words: 100. According to MS Word (let's just go with that :P).
Notes: None.


Mike's mother often wondered what her son could possibly be doing in his room for hours on end.Collapse )


Challenge Twenty-Eight: SURPRISE!

Because Glee last night was QUITE a surprise! So tell us a story with that as the theme - a good surprise or a bad one, whatever strikes your fancy.

At My Most Beautiful [G] - Two Drabbles

Both based on "At My Most Beautiful" by REM

Rating: G
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Puck/Kurt
Genre: Fluff
Warnings/Spoilers: No
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Author Notes: Written for
[info]wmhs100 challenge #27 - Songs
Summary: "I know you're closed eye watching me."
Word Count: 100

"I love you," I whisper...

Rating: G
Character(s)/Pairing(s): Puck/Kurt
Genre: Angst/Tragedy
Warning: [Implied] character death
Spoilers: No
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Author Notes: Written for
[info]wmhs100 challenge #27 - Songs
"I save your messages, just to hear your voice."
Word Count: 100

"I've heard it eighty six times."

Challenge Twenty-Seven: Songs Again

I'm not giving up! Songs was a popular challenge, so let's reprise. Write up 100 words based on a song of your choosing.

Remember in the header to link us to the song!

Challenge Twenty-Six: PHOTO CHALLENGE

You know there are stories in this image. Tell us!

Challenge Twenty-Five: Sacred

Good morning, loveys! You might have noticed I didn't put up the Friday post last week - I think to get more participation, we'll try changing challenge day to Wednesday after the episode, and pulling a theme from the episode. Thoughts? Definitely share them with me - I'm willing to try anything once. ♥

SO. This week's challenge, obvs, is

1. Dedicated to or set apart for the worship of a deity.
2. Worthy of religious veneration: the sacred teachings of the Buddha.
3. Made or declared holy: sacred bread and wine.
4. Dedicated or devoted exclusively to a single use, purpose, or person: sacred to the memory of her sister; a private office sacred to the President.
5. Worthy of respect; venerable.
6. Of or relating to religious objects, rites, or practices.

Pain To Gain (Quinn - PG)

Title: Pain To Gain
Author: reetinkerbell
Characters: Quinn Fabray
Challenge: Challenge Twenty-Four - Summer Break
Rating: PG
Words: 100

The pain was intense but Quinn pushed through, focused. After the labours of childbirth, a little muscle strain was nothing. Not when it meant getting back on the Cheerios and getting her life back. She pushed herself mentally and physically; to run another lap, just a little faster, to lift another weight, just a little heavier, and to kick a little higher.

The day she was able to fit into her uniform without sucking in her gut she knew she was ready for whatever the coming school year, and coach Sylvester, could and would throw at her.

Hi honeys! Did you have a good holiday? Are you as happy as I am to see our show back on the air? Are you ready to write 100 words about

What Happened During Summer Break

Get on it, then! 


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